Are Small Engines like google a Threat for Google?

Bing is the first destination which comes on mind when you wish to search details on the world wide web. To be truthful, I cannot imagine looking for something without asking the favorable old Google. However, harm more search engines looking to steal Google’s show. We have been discussing Blekko and DuckDuckGo, two yahoo and google that are Google’s direct competitors and have the best probabilities of completing their biggest goal.

They still long way to visit as it’s not that simple to compete on the globe where Yahoo is the king. They can be awaiting offering something others can’t – peace of mind.


DuckDuckGo was founded in 2007 by Gabriel Weinberg. This internet search engine takes its is a result of various sources, when using its best weapon – its’ pro-privacy stance. Weinberg asserted if people need to select from achievement and accomplishment plus privacy, they will select the second. Their reputation is constructed on its privacy policy pages. According to this internet search engine, it doesn’t collect information that is personal or share it. It does not store IP addresses, even if it’s just unique numbers of users. Someone may wonder: What makes it work then? It survives with getting capital funding and appearance ads. In line with Weinberg, marketing ebay may very well be really profitable, but DuckDuckGo isn’t created for making money. He stated that this company is here to really make the big companies change their policies. Specific searches engine’s long-term goal should be to turn up in share of the market reports on ComScore. It features a really long road ahead but it really has attracted their attention. DuckDuckGo has over 3 million searches daily and according to Weinberg, this traffic suggests certainly not apathy of an internet search engine.


With 5 million daily searches Blekko has more global traffic than DuckDuckGo. In line with Greg Lindahl, Blekko CTO, should you be into web exploring you’ll discover this internet search engine better. Blekko may be devoted to giving broader approach of your respective search. It shows results while indexing the online world on its own. It meets user’s intention going for less assumptions. Lindahl asserted if this google search desires to quite simply the doctor has to do not just providing users with results. He added the company doesn’t take on anyone as it uses friendly connections with alternatives.

Personally i have tried them for the week now only to discover how they will react in this little searches. I apparently always go back to Google again but when something happened to this major internet search engine, I understand where you can hunt for alternatives.

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